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Power Only In-App Inspections


To maintain the quality of our shared trailer pool, we are partnering with the carriers in our network to keep our trailers in safe, working order. We recently made a few updates to the trailer pick up and drop off process to help ensure that we are providing high-quality trailers for you to use on every power-only load. Take a look at the new steps below: 


At Pickup

Step 1: On the “Load Details” page, hit “Begin Trailer Inspection” at the bottom when arriving at pickup and confirm your arrival time and trailer id number. 

Step 2: Complete a walk-around inspection, and select the appropriate condition. You will see three options: 

    1. Clean, undamaged, & safe: You are good to go!
  1. Single_iPhone_X_Mockup.png
  2. 2. Minor or cosmetic issues: Please tell us more about the minor issues on the next screen so we can make improvements to this trailer at a later date. This includes adding a description and uploading photos of the issues that you identified. 
  3. Single_iPhone_X_Mockup__1_.png 
  4. 3. Unusable or unsafe: Please document the issue that is making the trailer unusable, provide pictures of the damage, then click confirm & finish in the app. Convoy will be alerted and someone will reach out to help within 20 minutes.
  5. Single_iPhone_X_Mockup__2_.png

Step 3: Click “Confirm & Finish Inspection” in the app. Unless you’ve reported that the trailer is unusable or unsafe, you are ready to hit the road!


At Drop-off

Step 1: At the drop-off location, you will complete a quick drop-off inspection. 

Step 2: If the trailer condition hasn’t changed, select “Yes, still in the same condition” and confirm to complete the inspection.

Step 3: If something has changed, select “No, something has changed” and follow the instructions to properly report the changes, similar to the pickup inspection.


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