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How do I get a 1099 form from Convoy to file my taxes?

Thank you for working with Convoy! In order to file your 2020 taxes, your 1099 forms from Convoy will be available starting January 22, 2021. 


On January 22, 2021, carriers will receive an email from with their log-in information. If you have not received this email after this date and believe a 1099 form should have been filed for your company, please call 425-214-1769 (ext: 4) and our support team will assist you. 


How do I know if Convoy has filed a 1099 form for me?

You will receive a 1099 form from Convoy if: 

  • Your company was paid more than $600 by Convoy in 2020 (regardless of being paid directly or using a factoring company).
  • Your company filed the W-9 as an individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC. If you did not file as one of these statuses, you are responsible for completing your 1099 form and will not be provided one by Convoy. 


How do I verify my company information with Convoy?

Please fill out this typeform before 1/29/2021 to ensure we have the correct information and IRS documents. Regardless of if you are paid directly by Convoy or use a factoring company, you will need to complete this form. 


How do I login to 

After 1/22/2021, you may log on to and enter your email address. The password should be 8 characters long and include the first 4 characters of your business name or full name (in lowercase letters) and the last 4 digits of your taxpayer identification number (SSN or EIN). 

  • For instance, if your business name is “ABC TRUCKING”, and the last 4 digits of ABC TRUCKING’s EIN number are 1234, the password would be “abct1234”. Please remember to use lowercase letters and only count letters in the alphabet as a character!

If you have difficulty logging into the account, please call 425-214-1769 (ext: 4) and our support team will assist you in confirming you should have access to, verifying your Convoy earnings in 2020, or assist you with your password. 

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