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How do I get a 1099 form from Convoy to file my taxes?

Thank you for working with Convoy! In order to file your 2022 taxes, your 1099 forms from Convoy will be available starting January 22, 2023. Convoy will be using to file 1099s in 2022 which will give carriers access to review and update business information and review their payments for 2022. 


How will I receive 1099 forms from Convoy? 

On the week of January 3rd, 2023, carriers will receive an email from where they can log in with their email and phone number. Carriers will also be able to review their business information and payouts in this portal. 


If you have not received this email by January 9th, 2023, and believe a 1099 form should have been filed for your company, please call 425-214-1769 (ext: 4) and our support team will assist you. 


How do I know if Convoy has filed a 1099 form for me?

You will receive a 1099 form from Convoy if: 

  • Your company was paid $600 or more by Convoy in 2022
  • Your company filed the W-9 as an individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC. If you did not file as one of these statuses, you are responsible for completing your 1099 form and will not be provided one by Convoy. 


How do I log in to Stripe’s Portal?

You will receive an email the first week of January that will allow you to log in to Stripe’s portal. From here you will be able to verify your company information when you receive an email from Stripe that will allow you to log in to a portal where you can view your company information and update it if it does not match your current records. 

  • To login to the portal, you will need your email address and will be asked to provide a phone number for verification. To view the email address you will receive this email at, please visit Convoy’s carrier portal
  • Please update this information if it does not match your current email address. 
  • If you do not receive an email please reach out to with your business name and MC number. 


How will I receive my 1099 from Stripe? 

After you have received your initial email in the first week of January you will have had to opt into electronic delivery. 

  • If you opted to have your 1099 electronically delivered you will receive your 1099 via email at the email address you used to login to Stripe.
  • If you did not opt into electronic delivery, a paper copy will be sent to the address you have listed in the Stripe portal (you will have a chance to review this when you log in to Stripe).
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