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Ineligible for Load Message


There are two main reasons a carrier may be ineligible to bid or accept a shipment:

  • Shipper Requirements: Some shippers have specific requirements regarding which carriers are eligible to book their loads. This can include an Excellent or Acceptable Performance Ratings, a certain number of completed loads in the Convoy network, or proven adherence to special requirements.  If your carrier company is not currently eligible for the shipper's loads, this will be shown in-app with exact details on what the shipper requirements are.
  • Previous Falloff: When a carrier cancels/falls off a shipment, they are ineligible to accept the same shipment for 24 hours.


How do I know if I am not eligible for a shipment?

If you are not currently eligible to book a load, this will be displayed in-app through a pop up message detailing exactly why you are not eligible to book the shipment.


How do I become eligible related to shipper requirements?

To become eligible, we recommend completing loads with other shippers in the Convoy network until your performance and/or shipment count increases.  

Where can I see my overall performance?

You can see your carrier company's performance at all times in the Convoy app under Profile.  Here, you will see your current scores for On-Time, Falloffs, and App Use. By clicking into one of these metrics, you can see which shipments are negatively impacting your scorecard (indicated by a red downward arrow). To learn more about Convoy's performance expectations, click here.

Can I call or email in to get assigned to the shipment?

No, we are not able to make any exceptions to these requirements.  If you need help finding a load you are eligible for, please call into Convoy and speak with our Brokerage team.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions about your eligibility for certain shipments, please email

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