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On-time Delivery Bonus Eligibility and Program Details



On-time delivery is important to Convoy and our shippers. To help ensure on-time delivery, carriers may be offered an on-time delivery bonus on select shipments. Please review the FAQ below to understand the details.


Q1: How do I know if a shipment is eligible for an on-time delivery bonus?

If a shipment is eligible, you’ll see a notification on the payout speed page following load confirmation. You can also check eligibility at any time in the payment tab of any booked load.


Q2: How do I earn the on-time delivery bonus?

If a load is eligible, you’ll earn the on-time delivery bonus if you arrive on-time at the delivery location as calculated using Convoy’s on-time arrival policy. Convoy reserves the right to deduct an already paid on-time delivery bonus payout from a future shipment payout and/or deactivate a carrier if it is determined that a carrier engaged in fraudulent behavior to qualify for and/or earn an on-time delivery bonus. 

Please note, (1) under no circumstances will an on-time delivery bonus be paid if you arrive late and Convoy chooses to excuse the late delivery from your performance rating; and (2) you being eligible for and/or earning an on-time delivery bonus does not change your status as an independent contractor of Convoy.


Q3: What happens if I’m delayed due to a facility issue?

You must arrive to delivery on-time to receive the bonus. Late deliveries, regardless of reason, will cause the shipment to be ineligible for the on-time delivery bonus.


Q4: Can I earn the on-time delivery bonus if I’m late to my pick-up window? 

Yes, the on-time delivery bonus is based on your delivery appointment.


Q5: How do I know if I earned the on-time delivery bonus?

After the delivery, visit the payment tab for the shipment to see if you earned the on-time delivery bonus


Q6: Is there any limit to the number of on-time delivery bonuses I can receive?

No, you are eligible to earn the on-time delivery bonus whenever it’s offered. 


Q7: Are all shipments eligible for the on-time delivery bonus? 

No, only shipments selected by Convoy at its sole discretion are eligible for the on-time delivery bonus. 


Q8: Can I tell if a shipment is eligible for an on-time delivery bonus before I book? 

No, eligibility of the shipment for an on-time delivery bonus is not communicated until after you confirm the shipment.


Q9: How much is the on-time delivery bonus? 

The amount varies based on the shipment and is non-negotiable. 


Q10: Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions about an on-time delivery bonus following shipment confirmation, please contact

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