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What is Convoy's detention policy?

Detention Policy

Per your ratecon, trailer moves do not qualify for hassle-free detention. 

Convoy’s hassle-free detention policy starts 2 hours after the scheduled appointment time and charges max out at five hours per stop. The rate is $40 per hour with a max of $200 per stop. Detention time is calculated from the app’s GPS data and validated with the BOL. The following requirements must be met in order for a carrier to receive detention:

  • The driver is using the app with location services enabled
  • The driver arrives on time
  • For reefer loads, the driver pre-cools prior to the appointment
  • The BOL includes in/out times with a signature from the facility.
  • If specified on the rate confirmation and load details, ensure the BOL includes in/out times with a signature from the facility

How to request hassle-free detention: 

  • Ensure the app is open and location services are set to "Always" before arriving at the facility. 
  • Request detention during the stop through the app, or learn how to request detention through the Convoy app here.
  • Complete the stop in the app as soon as loading / unloading is finished 
  • A notification will be sent through the app if the detention is approved 

How to request manual detention:

Drivers who cannot access detention through the app must submit their request via The following requirements must be met for the request to be evaluated:

  • Driver is required to use the app with location services enabled
  • Requests are submitted via within 24 hours after the shipment is complete. 
  • A BOL must be submitted and include:
    • In/out timestamps from the facility
    • A verified signature or stamp from the facility confirming in/out times

How will I know if I received detention and where will I find how much?

Detention compensation will be added to your original rate, and an updated rate confirmation will be sent to the dispatch emails on file.

If I’m late, do I still get detention?

If you accept a last-minute load and expect to be late, please report your late arrival within the app or to our live operations team at 425-214-1769, option 1. 

Please note that if you call facilities to arrange your own appointments without going through Convoy, you will be forfeiting your claim to detention charges.


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