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How do I improve my performance score?

The carriers with the highest performance scores are highest priority for loads offered. Convoy rates carriers on two main things: using the app and being reliable.


App Usage

Every dispatcher and driver should have and use the Convoy app. It’s the fastest way to get loads and get paid! Give us a call at 425-214-1769 ext. 514 to get everyone on your team set up.

Drivers should have their app open and location setting turned on for the entire trip.

Drivers or dispatchers can upload the Bill of Lading at the end of the trip. As an added bonus, you get pay sent in 24 hours if you upload the BOL through the app within 24 hours, and the driver has their location services and the Convoy app turned on during the trip (and don't use a factoring company).



Make sure you only accept loads you know your company can complete.
Avoid these top preventable causes of falloff:

  • Accidentally clicking to accept a load you don’t intend to take
  • Accepting more loads than you have trucks available
  • Underestimating the time it will take a driver to get to the pick-up/drop-off location

Always be on time to both pick-up and drop-off. If your ETA changes, let Convoy know why right away. You can report it through the app by going to the load in "My Jobs", tapping on the menu in the top right, and tapping "Report Problem". You can also call 425-214-1769 ext. 1.

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