How do I download the Convoy app?

The Convoy app is a platform that connects you to loads from brokers across the nation. With everything done quickly on your smart phone, you’ll spend less time on operational work, phone calls, and chasing freight, and more time on what matters.

1. Download the Convoy app.

The Convoy app is available on Apple and Android devices, and is completely free to use.

Download through the App Store.

Download through the Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and log in/sign up.

After downloading the Convoy app, you'll be prompted to log in or signup.

Logging in: Enter your mobile number and select "Log in". After a few seconds, you will receive a six digit verification code to the phone number entered. Type that confirmation code in on the app, and select "Confirm". You're now ready to start booking loads through the app!

Signing up: Signing up through the Convoy app is quick and easy, so you can start hauling in minutes. Enter your MC/DOT number and select "Create account". Then input your personal information and insurance information, customize your carrier profile, and review and accept the terms and conditions.