How to Add Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Information on Your Carrier Profile

Carriers using the Convoy Platform can add or edit their CDL information on their profile through the Convoy app or Carrier Web. Adding CDL information is recommended to increase the chances of booking relevant loads. Although it's optional, some loads may be restricted to carriers with CDL information based on pickup/dropoff verification requirements.

Here's how you can add or edit your CDL information on your carrier profile:

Add a CDL via the Convoy App:

  1. Go to "Profile"

  2. Select "Drivers & Dispatchers"

  3. Choose the user name you want to edit

  4. Click on Edit Profile

  5. Scroll down to Commercial Driver License

  6. From there, you can add your license number and issuing state

  7. Click Save to save your changes



Can I update/add CDL information later?

Yes, you can update CDL information on your profile at any time.

Who within my fleet has the ability to add or adjust CDL information?

All users with the carrier fleet have the ability to add/adjust CDL information. Learn more about user roles here.