Carrier sign-up errors


Are you having trouble signing up with the Convoy Platform? Here are a few of the reasons why you may be running into errors during the signup process:


1. The MC/DOT provided is not correctly formatted.

The proper format for the provided MC/DOT should be 1-8 digits. Double check you entered the correct digits, selected "MC" or "DOT" for the referenced digits, and removed any extra spaces before or after the digits. 

For example, instead of entering "MC0000000 ", you should enter "0000000".  


2.  Your MC/DOT already exists on the Convoy Platform.

If an account already exists with your MC/DOT number, you will be directed to sign in to that account. If your phone number is not listed on the account, please contact the owner of the MC/DOT to get added.


3. Your phone number or email already exists on the Convoy Platform.

Phone numbers and email addresses can only exist on a single account at a time. Upon receiving this error, you will either tap "continue" and register as a new carrier or "sign in" under the existing carrier account.

NOTE: If you tap "continue", your cellphone number will be removed from the existing carrier account. If you log into the mobile app or desktop and still see your old carrier profile, please log out and log back in


4. Insufficient Insurance or Not Compliant

If you receive this error, you can still sign up for an account with the Convoy Platform! However, you will not be allowed to view or book loads until all requirements are met. 

If you have questions regarding your signup process, please contact